We at inSite Web Design have been building websites since 2000. In 2010 we changed our name from Compose Design to inSite to better describe the main focus of our business which is creating website solutions. The goal of inSite web design is to help you present your business in a cohesive, easy to navigate and customer friendly website. We will work with you to focus on and bring together all the elements which make your business unique. All this is done with our simple philosophy of creating the best, most cost effective, and user friendly website possible for you and your customers.


We build websites with a custom, professional online presence to help you increase sales and inform customers & clients of you products & services while decreasing your advertising costs. The design for your website will be a collaborative effort between you and the inSite design & development team. We will work with you to determine your needs. Together we will build a site that is visually pleasing, user friendly, and cost effective.


Does your current website need updating and a new look? We will be happy to work with you to create a totally new look and feel for your site or simply bring you up to date with a little tweaking.

We believe websites should be viewed as an evolving process and not a final product. We recommend reevaluating your website every six months or so to keep your site fresh and interesting to your clients & customers.


Our team of talented graphic designers will work with you to create an up-to-date logo and branding for your company.


We can create systems that allow you to do business more efficiently. Online, your business can reach more potential customers in your own backyard and around the world. This allows for increased sales of your product and services. Potential customers can browse your website at their convenience in the comfort of their own environment, you make it easier for them to become your customer.


inSite web design uses the most powerful database technologies to enable you to manage data effeciently. Our database systems perform above and beyond our customer's expectations


With Email Marketing, you can create and send professional email newsletters, fundraisers, renewals, and moreā€”for far less than direct mail.

Online Surveys lets you easily and cost-effectively track member satisfaction, get event feedback, and evaluate programs.

Use Event Marketing to set up, promote, manage, and track the success of events, conferences, and fundraisers.

In minutes, you can: Inform members of the latest organizational news and information, generate low-cost, high-impact fundraising appeals and promote conferences and events.


Our hosting program is world-class as well as cost effective.

We offer many different software packages to serve all your site needs.

We have a 99.9%+ uptime record combined with 24/7 technical support which ensures both reliability and response when you need it.


inSite will help you choose and register a unique name for your business. We monitor the expiration dates for your domin names to insure that your name can never expire or be stolen.


We register your site with the most popular search engines. Our Search Engine Specialist monitors your site rankings to optimize your search results.

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